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Fortune 500 Project

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A notable online brokerage was merging with a Financial Advisory service to provide the best of both worlds. To do this, meant displaying both online brokerage accounts and financially advised accounts on the Account Overview page.

The Pivot

After assessing the page and doing a competitive analysis, I hypothesized that we could be better serving our customers. First, I had to validate that this was true and not just my opinion.

View case study overview (PDF)

Existing Account Overview page

Original F500 Page

Competitive Research

User Personas

I initially conducted empathy interviews with in-house investors to determine what their goals were when interacting within their accounts. For the Design Sprint activity, I used our existing Market Research personas
F500 - Persona: AnneF500 - Persona: Victor

Design Sprint – Defined here: http://www.gv.com/sprint/

In our Design Sprint, we created concepts that were narrowed into prototypes. These would be tested with users.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.59.22 AM


Design Sprint Artifacts





1. Multiple Accounts View

2. Single Account View

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