Art Direction

Mid-Columbia Medical Center

UX/UI designer | Visual Design | Art Director | Brand Identity

About the Project 

Mid-Columbia Medical Center (MCMC) is a hospital located in The Dalles, Oregon. It was the first hospital in the world to implement the Planetree concept of patient-centered care, facility wide.  

They wanted to bring a similar concept to it’s staff by updating the hospital intranet with a user-centered focus.


Their intranet, titled MCMC connections, is used to assist the hospital staff in facilitating daily tasks, staying connected with each other and staying on top of current news and events. I redesigned the new intranet making it innovative, simple to use and accessible on different devices.

Demo Prototype (Mobile Menu Speed)

The new intranet logo


Mobile First! 

Keeping to essential daily tasks, the mobile experience is a quick resource to see what today has in store. 

Website Design



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