Phase I: Discover and Identify
I start with identifying the problem, understanding the user needs and business goals, determining the scope of the project, conducting in-person interviews, and develop personas.


Phase II: Background Research
I like to gain a deeper understanding of the business, it’s competitors, and when available, study the performance metrics of the company.


Phase III: Information Architecture and the User Experience
During this phase I determine the information architecture, create a task flow analysis, tailor messages. I then move to creating sketches, wireframes, and prototypes.


Phase IV: User Testing and Iterations
This is the most important phase in the UX process, as it determines how the users will interact with the website or app. I use various resources for online testing and in-person presentations. After each round of testing I use the feedback and insights to create a validated solution.


Phase V: Front-End Development
When the design is solid, the coding begins.