My Process

I start every project with identifying the problem by digging into your business goals. I try to find the best way to serve your user’s needs while also solving your business problem. I do this through a number of meetings, starting with an establishing meeting. This is where we can discuss more on your vision for your business, what you’re looking to achieve, who you’re target customers are, what your current plans are for reaching your goals and how you want to be presented to your customers.

After that, we can move forward with either a phase of researching what is working and what isn’t, or move towards more actionable milestones based on the type of problem that’s being addressed. If research is required, I’ll devise a research plan and articulate with you how I plan to achieve our research goals.

Once we’re in a good place of understanding, I’ll set up milestones and timetables for producing deliverables. Through the years, I’ve noticed that my plans are more dependant on you and what your goals are, so sometimes things need to be a little more flexible. My overall goal is to discover what the right problem is, so that I save you time and money before starting any kind of work.

If you have any questions regarding my process, feel free to reach out by sending me an email at